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Importance Of Business Listing Optimization For All Local Business

Perhaps, from one of your many internet “Google related searches” out of chance or design you’ve been lucky to see businesses listed together with their physical addresses mostly but not limited to the farthest left side of the Search Results. Good, that is exactly, what we are going to discuss in this article. Everything related to Local Business Listing; what it means, how it works and most importantly, its importance and what you stand to gain when you locally list your business.

What is a Local Business Listing?

As the name suggests, “Local Business Listing” is basically the act of listing/adding your businesses on a range of online directories with all the relevant information that can be useful to your prospects and clients.
The main reason as to why it is important for any business regardless of its size to be listed in online directories is simply because, doing so eases the work or search engine crawlers whenever a consumer tries to find information related to your niche. Listing your business intensely improves your rankings with the search engines putting you in a better position with all your competitors. When listing your business, here is a list of online directories you should consider:

1. Google Places (Google+ Local)

2. Facebook


4. LinkedIn

5. Yelp



8. SuperPages

9. Manta

10. CitySearch

Why is it Necessary?

As technology progresses, search engines are coming up with techniques aimed at ensuring that internet users get even more relevant information. Owing to Google+ and Gmail, Google can now tell where the search is conducted from. Supposing a consumer was in Virginia, and s/he is interested in say graphic design services, the results they get will first be of companies and websites that were listed in Virginia.

Evidently, for all serious business owners, be it a local business or a multinational company, without doubt this is a service you wouldn’t think of letting it pass you. Of all the online directories listed earlier in this article, the most important one of them is Google.

How Does Local Business Listing Work?

Unknown to many, is the fact that even before you post your business information to Google+, Google already knows a lot about your business. For many people, they tend to think that listing simply means telling Google about your business, the services/products you provide the physical location and such. Be surprised to know that it is more than that. Google also finds information on their own from business data aggregators such as infogroup, Acxiom (US), 118 information (UK), Neustar and many others.

Categorically note this, when feeding Google with your information; these two aspects are of paramount importance;

  1. 1. Your business information- make sure that they are listed in as many sites as possible,
  2. 2. When giving out your information, always follow the same format and make it a habit to always give the same information.

Finally, but in rare cases, in situations that may seem confusing, Google operatives may give you a call in bids to ascertains your credentials, kindly don’t hang up on them, precisely answer them accordingly.

Advantages of Local Business Listing

On to the main point, there is a lot to benefit from listing your business in online directories. Among them, here are the reasons as to why you should consider listing your business.

It is Affordable – it significantly saves you on the cost you would have spend trying to optimize you company’s website as most local directories are free. In event where charges are included, it’s even more beneficial as chances are that besides listing, you will be enjoying other SEO services.

It’s the surest way to protect your business from scammers- as you all know, internet is a place where practically anything can happen, evil people may want to scam your customers with “dark” intents of exhorting money from them in pretence that it’s you. Listing your business completely expunges the possibility by putting your contacts in public domain.

It enhances your reputation – as goes the saying, “a good name is better than gold”. Building a good online reputation is something that is not that easy. However, when listing your business, the information you provide including your photos, videos, and even the testimonial you get from both consumers and other businesses greatly contributes to the general success of your business. It simply makes people build trust in you.

Outstanding Placement in Search Engine Results – without even knowing, listing your business in online directories is like creating back links to your website. A simple search will always guarantee your visibility.
It’s the easiest way of creating local visibility that will lead to profitability- simple task, and you will have all the clients in your location requesting for your services. Interestingly, it takes significantly less time but the results are astounding.

Needless to say, local business listing is a cup of tea that all business owners should consider taking a sip of. Note that you can do it on your own or as recommended hire professionals to do it for at a very affordable fee.
Author Bio:Bernard Naylor is a Passionate Blogger and Writer. He likes blogging about Home & Garden, Health & Fitness, Online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.