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Himfr.com reports Apple will type in the e-book market

Apple investors ought to be very happy: After Steve Jobs go back, Apple recently announced a four-quarter results showed you can actually history much more over a quarter have sold more mobile phones and computers, but, this is a big fake front quarter, but the U.S. economy is in the past 50 years within the worst-case.

Of course, there is another joyous event is a crucial “Apple Tablet” will soon emerge. Recent rumors of Silicon Valley: Apple this long-term stay in the arena is just hearsay products, the latest will probably be released early the coming year; same time, the mysterious killer has also been some prospect of any solution, Jobs is likely to be rounded out a revolutionary way e-Reader Market , although he once said, “People don’t read anything.”

Recently rated since the Us, “e-reading season,” the revolutionary electronic reader products have released, first there may be Plastic Logic’s “Que”, after which Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Compared to the Amazon Kindle with, “Que” are more inclined to commercial users; while Nook most prominent feature would be that the user can lend books to friends to not exceed 14 days. To put it differently, the user’s friends are able to use Nook, personal computers, iPhone (mobile Internet), the main Motorola mobile phone or BlackBerry to Barnes & Noble to supply e-book reading program.

However, these same products and Kindle, the screen is 6 inches, the contents are mostly e-books.

In May of the year, Amazon released Kindle Deluxe Edition “Kindle DX”, screen design with 2.5 times the initial large, the media called the “Amazon has finally pointing its sword towards traditional media.”

Traditional media, is each major provider of electronic reading device desires to coveted territory. Apple, much the same way. According to the U.S. a number of science and technology blog said: In 2010 in June, Apple has included “The New york city Times” and a few other digital media printing company to go over the items in the “how to press in a new device.” For varieties of thinking that is the place where these digital media printing company printed for the Apple iTune, as well as users to download sales, though the message would not mention the origin of traditional book publishers approached Apple together with the news.

There is but one exception, this is the most profitable in the fat – the textbook market. In accordance with technology blog GIZMODO revealed that Apple is working together with McGraw Hill, and Oberlin Press to talk about that this textbook shifted iTune.

The logic here is: countless new textbooks in general prices in U.S. dollars, was sold to repeat about the bookstores, there isn’t any rebate returning to the publisher, therefore, dependant on smart card “one-time textbook” (A DRM’d one-time-use book) not only for publishers who are very tempting, simply because they can create extra income; and also the local bookstores in this industry segment happen to be reduced, but to avoid eating into profits. This demonstrates near Apple’s Goals and Amazon, Kindle DX release date implies that Amazon has several major educational publishing institutions.

But another key question is: Apple Tablet in what manner would be rounded out e-reader market and what is going to essentially different together with the Kindle.

More recently, Silicon Valley, there are rumors, Apple at its Cupertino headquarters district held a number of magazines executives interested in a compact group meetings, “they were asked to talk about their unique future publishing several of the ideas, participants expressed which the interaction significance. ” To this end, numerous technical people Forecast: Apple Tablet could be the ultimate goal should be to create “hybrid” content. In other words, Apple Tablet from iTune users to download newspapers and magazines, to view is showing an interactive text, audio and video.

If the above mentined is not merely speculation, then, given the launch of Microsoft’s Courier continues to be no period, Amazon’s Kindle is restricted to relatively static e-ink technology, multimedia is not achieved, then your apple again Dan Geer opened a miracle, it truly is “re-definition of printing” , not only simple text displacement. This demonstrates Apple is planning the next generation of print content distribution provider pole move, though it is quite hard to mention how to allocate proceeds off stakeholders in this issue.electronic projection screen, weatherproof