4 Website Traffic Strategies (that don’t involve gurus)

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4 Website Traffic Strategies (that don’t involve gurus)

Wow. On a daily basis I am besieged with emails from all of the “gurus” of Internet marketing. These emails are coming from the likes of Marlon Sanders, Jeff Walker, Jeff Johnson, Tellman, Mike Fillsaime, Jeff Herschy Schwerdt, Brandon Bruchard, Justin Blake, Kenneth McArthur, James L Jones and Soren Jordansen to name a few.
I’m not complaining because I actually signed up to receive emails from them. I even double opted-in for them. I have even purchased a number of things from Marlon Sanders and I did get Micro-Niche Finder from James L Jones. I like Marlon’s approach to most things. He has a down-to-earth, practical approach to his craft and he always throws in lots of freebies.

All of these guys are making big money hawking their internet strategy systems.

More often than not, their products are nothing that you couldn’t figure out for yourself with a little time and effort. They do a great job packaging and marketing their products and how they do that is a BIG lesson that you should be paying attention to.

But, for this article, I wanted to relay a few hints, tips and tricks for traffic strategies that don’t involve the purchase of someone’s “system.” These are Guerrilla Marketing Tips and Tools. If this sounds familiar, it should. Many of the Guerrilla Marketing tips and tools cost little or nothing and that always sound good to a guerrilla marketer.
Quick Tip # 1.Set up a link in your email signature. Better yet, set up multiple links. Almost all email programs allow you to do this.

Quick Tip #2.

Use backlinks, a.k.a., inbound links. Links into your website improve your search engine rankings. If your website’s URL is www.abcdefgihj.com, you can check your links by going to Google and typing “link:abcdefghij.com” and hit ‘Search.” This will return a listing of the links to your website. You can also type in your competitors website and check their links. Then, contact some of those site owners and see if they’d link to your site. You can also give something away. This often makes visitors happy to link to your site.

Quick Tip #3.

Write and post articles.This is also known as article marketing. Writing informative articles on your topic or expert subject helps establish you as an expert and also provides fresh content that you can use to connect–or link–to your website. Here are a few sub-tips for your article marketing:
a. Keep it to around 500 words.b. Make it keyword rich. In other words, use the keywords that drive traffic to your site in the subject line and in the first paragraph of your article.c. Give the article some meat. Make it worthwhile and newsworthy. Educate your readers.d. Use bullet and number lists within the article. Try to give “5 Tips to . . ., ” or, “6 Ways to stop. . ..” Keep the busy adult reader in mind. She looks to scan articles for important points. Make yours stick out and you’ll draw them into your article.e. Create an “About the Author” resource box. Put information about you, your business, any books or special reports that you’ve written and something that will draw a reader to your website like a free report offer.f. Do an email newsletter. These are also called ezines. Sending email newsletters can be a great way to communicate with your mailing list. Keep the articles short and informative and send them regularly.g. Write a blog and post to it regularly. This is also a great place to re-purpose your articles and other marketing materials. You can add links in your posts to your other articles, your website and to other articles within your blog. You can also add links to your blog in your email marketing letters and your email newsletter.

Quick Tip #4.

Add fresh content to your website regularly. Search engines love fresh content and ignore stale sites. This is another place where you can re-purpose your articles and blog posts. You want to be careful not to post identical articles, however, because the search engines will penalize you for this. Here again is another opportunity to add links within your article to your other articles and blog.